#+title:  Example Org File
#+author: TEC
#+date:   2020-10-27


Headlines and folding make structured editing a breeze. Plain text makes it easy to sync and version control Org files.
* Revamp website


List todos across all your files. Filter content, and update it in place.

The /beauty/ of org *must* be shared.
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** DONE Make screenshots
   CLOSED: [2020-09-03 Thu 18:24]

** DONE Restyle Site CSS

Go through [[file:style.scss][stylesheet]]

** TODO Check CSS on main pages 

* Learn Org

Org makes easy things trivial and complex things practical.

You don't need to learn Org before using Org: read the quickstart
page and you should be good to go.  If you need more, Org will be
here for you as well: dive into the manual and join the community!
** Feedback

#+include: "other/*manual" :only-contents t
* Check CSS minification ratios


Perform literate programming in org, with notebook-like live code execution in the buffer.
#+begin_src python
from pathlib import Path
cssRatios = []
for css_min in Path("resources/style").glob("*.min.css"):
    css = css_min.with_suffix('').with_suffix('.css')
    "{:.0f}% minified ({:4.1f} KiB)".format( 100 *
                      css_min.stat().st_size / css.stat().st_size,
                      css_min.stat().st_size / 1000)])
return cssRatios
Evaluated results
| index.css    | 76% minified ( 1.4 KiB) |
| org-demo.css | 77% minified ( 2.8 KiB) |
| errors.css   | 74% minified ( 4.9 KiB) |
| org.css      | 75% minified (10.7 KiB) |