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  TEC da0847ac06 Fix two typos 2 months ago
  Sigurd Fosseng 5f010485ab fix typo 4 months ago
  TEC c12da9ae63 org-demo.html: (minor) improve wording 5 months ago
  TEC 53232bdf10 org-demo: have indentation of python src match blk 5 months ago
  Bastien dfbea028fd org-demo.html: Never say "never" 5 months ago
  Bastien f6cab743ce org-demo.html: Last tweak for today 5 months ago
  Bastien 38e531c12b org-demo.html: More tweaking 5 months ago
  Bastien f4d1acf033 org-demo.html: Fix display 5 months ago
  Bastien 5a893b9af7 org-demo.html: Fix display 5 months ago
  Bastien 264115a773 org-demo.html: Update wording 5 months ago
  Bastien 37573b95db org-demo.html: Enhance readability 5 months ago
  Bastien 23a64db00a org-demo.html: Add indentation 5 months ago
  TEC 3f6e5f0d09 Use CSS hackery to add chkbox progress to org demo 5 months ago
  TEC 2aceb698cd Tweak org demo contents 5 months ago
  TEC 7bd776a0db Fix CSS layer/interactivity bug in org demo 5 months ago
  TEC 5a8cc6c066 Overhaul demo, from image to interactive html 5 months ago