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  TEC 49a8b2c706 Remove unused macros from setup file 6 months ago
  TEC 36779184f2 Add minified CSS files and map files 6 months ago
  TEC 8a20bc587e Improve font loading 6 months ago
  Bastien d9a78c0656 Minor formatting fixes 6 months ago
  TEC 0a793b2ae9 Add missing rel to oembed link 6 months ago
  TEC 13c250d2b2 Setup file: fix typo 7 months ago
  TEC bfe400098e Reorder some social meta tags 8 months ago
  TEC a4dae59f12 Remove keywords from setup file. SEO 8 months ago
  TEC 107b4a9201 Change http links in meta tags to https 8 months ago
  TEC e7bbcf6bb9 Minor load time optimisations 8 months ago
  TEC 74b7e59340 Add favicons 8 months ago
  TEC 50aa93d08b Add more social metadata 8 months ago
  TEC 9c0910f4c7 Refile resources (css,js,fonts,images,etc.) 9 months ago
  TEC 18fb18271f Remove jQuery, do smooth scrolling with CSS 9 months ago
  TEC 1766d008ee Add open grabh meta tags 9 months ago
  TEC 022cefeadd Don't eval src blocks on export, by default 9 months ago
  TEC 5c4313c5c8 Start using a setupfile for common properties 9 months ago