Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aurélien Aptel e1d22de3ea update README/TODO 6 years ago
  Adam Awan 00fcdc750f Only regexp-replace newlines in description if it is non-nil 6 years ago
  Jonas Hoersch dab3323d50 Update README to reflect the need for a more recent org-element.el 7 years ago
  Jonas Hoersch 4c6395ce04 os: os-headline-to-buglist calls os-headline-to-bug on its descendants 7 years ago
  Jonas Hoersch 1d90a2f089 os: use node-property elements in property drawers 7 years ago
  Jonas Hoersch bdcbaebaba os-github: use authentication data also for os-github-fetch-json-page 7 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 1957ec757a os.el: add new var os-sync-props to force which property is synced. 7 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel f1751db275 os.el: let user add property at buglist level. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 9559d8153a update feature name in example. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 34227625c3 os.el: add comments and ascii diagram of sync process. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel ae62dce474 os-github.el: clean filter and add debug message. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 6bb0914de5 os.el: quote description to prevent markup mess. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel a276e49450 change feature name to os. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 568460558f os-github.el: fix list/headline bug. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel a32af80af2 os.el: fix DEADLINE timestamp. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 0dac29186a os-rtm.el: implemented import. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 943a32c9b8 os.el: os-parse-date returns nil on empty strings. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel bf7dbead80 os-rtm.el: get and set auth token. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 8222ec31fc README: s/shell/sh/ 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 26ae8fb442 update installation procedure. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 731bb77f81 os.el: update doc. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel d3df7452c5 os-rtm.el: implements API method call, app registration and auth. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 683865cdab os-rtm.el: first (non-working) draft. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel faa2ef5377 os-rmine.el: add end-of-file comment. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel b098b96fe2 os.el: human readable date for modifi and creation. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 2c0893c6dc os.el: set status to open when no status on new bug. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 1d8ae05dfc omd.el: respect `recurse' arg when shuffling. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel f1a734f98d omd.el: add random shuffling and mutating functions. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 720b786cd8 omd.el: new document generator for the org-merge-driver project. 8 years ago
  Aurélien Aptel 6451162ded os-rmine: make it work on other redmine hosts (hopefully). 8 years ago