Org mode is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning projects, and authoring documents with a fast and effective plain-text system.

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-*- mode: org; fill-column:70 -*-

This is a distribution of Org, a plain text notes and project planning
tool for Emacs.

Check the [[][homepage of Org]] and the [[][installations instructions]].

* Contents of this distribution

- README :: This file.

- COPYING :: The GNU General Public License.

- Makefile :: The makefile to compile and install Org. For installation
instructions, see the manual or [[][the more detailed procedure on Worg]].

- mk/ :: Files needed for building Org.

- lisp/ :: Directory with all the Emacs Lisp files that make up Org.

- doc/ :: The documentation files. org.texi is the source of the
documentation, org.html and org.pdf are formatted versions of it.

- contrib/ :: A directory with third-party additions for Org. Some
really cool stuff is in there.

- etc/ :: Files needed for the ODT exporter.

- testing/ :: Testing suite for Org.

- request-assign-future.txt :: The form that contributors have to sign
and get processed with the FSF before contributed changes can be
integrated into the Org core. All files in this distribution except
the contrib/ directory have copyright assigned to the FSF.

* License

Org-mode is published under [[][the GNU GPLv3 license]] or any later
version, the same as GNU Emacs. See the COPYING file in this