Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nicolas Goaziou f05c2eae33 Fix RET on multi-line links 2 years ago
  Brad Knotwell 8e5d74ca4c ob-sed: Use -f instead of --file to support BSD sed 2 years ago
  Pierre Téchoueyres befc92b9c0 org-agenda: Call `recenter' only if buffer has a window 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 3e1f111c3b ob-python: Small refactoring 2 years ago
  Gong Qijian 1966d58b25 ob-python: Insert blank line when sending code to interpreter 2 years ago
  Michael Albinus b1a6395dfe Backport commit 9bff405d0 from Emacs 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 7240f9c847 org.texi: Fix typo in capture protocol example 2 years ago
  Rasmus ab488dc438 org.el: Fix whitespace issue blocking upstream commit 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 1b3cc4e463 Update version 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 842a5ba6d3 org-agenda: Fix temporary delays 2 years ago
  Glenn Morris 8cf787cbad Backport commit 7d6c7d0b4 from Emacs 2 years ago
  Glenn Morris b45c1ff4d4 Backport commit a6a821d29 from Emacs 2 years ago
  Maxim Cournoyer 5b6e099a6b contrib: ob-sclang: Fix compilation issue. 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 8c9ebc81f0 Revert "ob-table: Fix org-sbe's handling of quotes in cell values" 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 9e70db6bab Revert "ob-table: Fix org-sbe's handling of list arguments" 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 6261bbd20b Revert "ob-table: Mention passing ranges as lists in org-sbe's documentation" 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 143a87e45c org-macro: Fix infloop when re-defining built-in macros 2 years ago
  Kyle Meyer fa15abe6e8 Update version keyword 2 years ago
  Martin Kampas dd4e57b1d1 Extend match-sparse-tree test for tag hierarchies 2 years ago
  Bastien a9139d9976 lisp/org-list.el: Enhance error message 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou b5a90a7ab5 Silence byte-compiler 2 years ago
  Martin Kampas 894ec00e9f org.el: Fix recursion stop condition when expanding tags 2 years ago
  Bastien e28a5a66ad org.el: Enhance `org-tag-add-to-alist' and use it more 2 years ago
  Matt Lundin 393b98ae8e Include buffer tags in global tags completion 2 years ago
  Bastien b0cca9656d org.el: Fix bug when adding persistent tags 2 years ago
  Bastien b7f350f7ef org.el: Fix bug when building tags groups 2 years ago
  Bastien b2d3dbabf7 org-capture.el: Fix docstring 2 years ago
  Bastien cb46679eb2 org.texi: Fix typo 2 years ago
  Vladimir Panteleev 02b1574ea9 ob-table: Mention passing ranges as lists in org-sbe's documentation 2 years ago
  Vladimir Panteleev c9d617b322 ob-table: Fix org-sbe's handling of list arguments 2 years ago