Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nicolas Goaziou 2faaacfeeb Revert the whole time zone mess 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 97a1a49895 Fix failing tests in non-daylight saving time zones 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 83e373f109 Fix `org-occur' when regexp matches a single char 4 years ago
  Michael Strey 0fac70ea89 org.el: Fix bug from switch to lexical binding 4 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 7b333c7249 Fix typo 5 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou c6d9a4ec22 Fix false positive SCHEDULED lines in sparse tree 5 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 2959acb18c New option `org-sparse-tree-default-date-type' to specify what is a "date" in `org-sparse-tree'. 7 years ago
  Bastien Guerry e5d5a1e721 org.el: New command `org-check-dates-range'. 8 years ago