Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sébastien Miquel 6e5b39acd1 ob-tangle.el: Fix single block tangle 1 month ago
  Sébastien Miquel 501b2a191c ob-tangle.el: (org-babel-tangle-collect-blocks): Use correct tangle name 1 month ago
  Sébastien Miquel d59f35fbb7 ob-tangle.el (org-babel-tangle): Fix readonly tangle 1 month ago
  Sébastien Miquel a2cb9b853d ob-tangle.el: Improve tangling 1 month ago
  Bastien 9f0af69dd2 Skip archived headings when tangling and exporting 9 months ago
  Kyle Meyer 3ebee03310 ob-tangle: Restore handling of relative file links 1 year ago
  Bastien 6a1f6ee1f8 Tiny formatting fixes 1 year ago
  Bastien be93859c78 org.el (org-babel-load-file): Load emacs-lisp and elisp src blocks 1 year ago
  Bastien 713c8d5aba ob-core.el: Respect `org-babel-tangle-uncomment-comments' 1 year ago
  Nicolas Goaziou df30a056b2 Fix tangling bug when major mode for LANGUAGE is not `LANGUAGE-mode' 1 year ago
  Nicolas Goaziou ed048fa83d Fix %start-line in `org-babel-tangle-comment-links' 1 year ago
  Christian Dietrich a72466ce8d Fix bug in org-babel-tangle-file with symlinked files 1 year ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 2b00d62816 Change bracket link escape syntax 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 3318b50a39 Deprecate `org-link-analytic-bracket-re' 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou a486d9cbd7 Move link-related core functions out of "org.el" 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 2fda33bfef ob-tangle: Fix tangling order 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 8b9c1e15df ob-tangle: Fix `org-babel-detangle' 3 years ago
  thibault 1613153aac Fix tangling of org block with nested source block 3 years ago
  Paul Eggert d3912e7f32 Backport commit 74b8615fc from Emacs 3 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 00ea6a286c ob-tangle: Fix last commit 4 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 7b148e2d0e ob-tangle: Respect buffer local variables 4 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 026fb75ddb ob-tangle: Respect buffer local variables 4 years ago
  Marco Wahl ece6e39dfc ob-tangle: Fix jump from tangle to org 4 years ago
  Aaron Ecay 79650ffbbd Use assq instead of assoc for :keywords 4 years ago
  Aaron Ecay d350baf2db babel: change single-armed ‘if’ statements to ‘when’ 4 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou c4da20a2f3 Silence byte-compiler 4 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 69552bd42f ob-tangle: Fix failing test on Emacs 24.3 5 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 65e9dcee8d ob-tangle: Use lexical binding 5 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 67efff2fd8 ob-tangle: Fix `org-babel-tangle-jump-to-org' 5 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou e2ac979d9e ob-tangle: Fix commented links 5 years ago
  Kyle Meyer 2c349cc65a ob-tangle: Check that publishing directory exists 5 years ago
  Kyle Meyer 36233d976d ob-tangle: Expand paths for publishing 5 years ago
  Kyle Meyer 85e0c1ce75 Fix tangling in indirect buffers 5 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 90df55ea7b ob-tangle: Small refactoring 6 years ago
  Eric Schulte a3745c375b tangle option to not post-process tangle comments 7 years ago
  Achim Gratz 063c8b03b7 ob-tangle: do not run make-directory with nil argument 7 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 6d1d61f667 Rename `org-babel-under-commented-heading-p' 7 years ago
  Achim Gratz 54a64f50b5 ob-C, ob-clojure, ob-tangle, org-agenda, org, ox: fix byte-compiler warnings 7 years ago
  Bastien Guerry f95641c443 Backport changes from Emacs revs 115081 and 115082 7 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 56d405a41c org.el (org-babel-load-file): Set `exported-file' correctly 7 years ago
  Aaron Ecay a94501a132 babel: don’t move point when tangling a single block 7 years ago
  Eric Schulte af80144976 tangle checks for COMMENT in parent headlines 7 years ago
  Eric Schulte be3dad300f re-apply an orphaned anonymous lambda function 7 years ago
  Eric Schulte 15847336c3 tangled links use relative paths by default 7 years ago
  Eric Schulte ae21350aaa :padline insertion aware of placement in file 7 years ago
  Eric Schulte 1a8ad7dab1 fixed bug in tangle-file 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 5c6f4fd130 change file modes once after tangling 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 2a73e06a6d adding a new global tangle-mode header argument 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte bceb151b7e `org-src-switch-to-buffer' to jump from src to org 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte d9cfec3040 jump back to the correct point in the code block 8 years ago
  Aaron Ecay 7263b326d4 Add 'light argument to some uses of org-babel-get-src-block-info 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 10a67d594a update doc to reflect changed variable name 8 years ago
  Ryo TAKAISHI 8ef0eb467f fix bug: org-babel-tangle-file can't limit collected source code block by argument. 8 years ago
  Achim Gratz 3773029db9 fix 17131cbf63 8 years ago
  Bastien Guerry aa3091580d ob-tangle.el: A small fix and some refactoring 8 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 17131cbf63 ob-tangle.el (org-babel-tangle): Allow two universal prefix arguments to tangle by the target file of the block at point 8 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 8e0b4529f7 ob-tangle.el (org-babel-tangle-collect-blocks): Don't collect blocks in commented out headings 8 years ago
  Bastien Guerry fa3385e68b ob-tangle.el (org-babel-tangle-collect-blocks): Bugfix: remove code references from blocks 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 5e3b8259c7 tangled files should not be writable 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 8ec79bff9a document prefix argument to org-babel-tangle 8 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 5c762bbdc6 Remove some autoloads and clean up code. 8 years ago
  Michael Brand 9852ad9418 ob-tangle: Fix bug when heading has no text 8 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 9afc2ac56b ob-*.el: Use ̀org-no-properties' instead of `org-babel-clean-text-properties' 8 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 1edf05f14c ob-tangle.el: Don't use `org-flet' 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 63b5f8f2e8 replace flet/labels with org-flet/org-labels 9 years ago
  Ilya Shlyakhter de4ba0d4cd Fixed compiler warnings, including one small bug in ob-lilypond 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte efe039db93 fix two bugs related to calling tangle with a prefix argument 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 04971de4b9 Add version tag "24.1" for options introduced since Emacs 23.4 (and <= 24.1) 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte 4b59c36b03 adding default argument to org-babel-noweb-wrap 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte 3d25553588 allow customization of the noweb reference syntax 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte abf3060e47 new "no-export" option to :noweb header argument, and consolidated noweb logic 9 years ago
  Litvinov Sergey 8d3a4da034 Extend ob-maxima: add input variables and graphic output 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte 647849dff9 better delimiting of Org-mode text preceding a code block 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte b9922ba879 customizable processing of Org-mode text used as comments in tangled source-code files 9 years ago
  Matthew Sauer 4693a3632f Fix ob-lilypond.el compiler error: org-babel-tangle undefined function 10 years ago
  Deech 5a5036cc13 Ignore errors when launching a language's mode when tangling a source block. 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte e4204fc3fe tangle: ob-tangle now tangles only the current block when called with a prefix argument 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte f5709fc0e5 Revert "documentation of `org-babel-tangle-named-block-combination'" 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 95f9aa5ff5 fixing compiler warnings for Babel functions 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 90f6765cdf ob-tangle: no longer inserting newlines between appended code blocks 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte c4737ae48b documentation of `org-babel-tangle-named-block-combination' 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 64c1304473 ob-tangle: more sophisticated block combination during tangling 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 0e4f9da82e ob-tangle: initial implementation of named code block combination 10 years ago
  Shaun Johnson de63411264 Babel: Stop tangling failing in an indirect buffer 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte cd4ce49449 ob-tangle: fix link extraction for newer version of org-store-link 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 814012ca80 ob-tangle: don't call `org-store-link' interactively when tangling 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte d0a4ed53f1 ob: new header argument `padline' controls newline padding around tangled code 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte a793b77625 ob-tangle: new hook for pre-processing code block bodies on tangling 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 03a6844054 ob: fix compiler warnings 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 6b02a28822 ob-C: unified naming of "c++" functions/variables to "C++" 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte c07b5aed1e ob-tangle: new :mkdirp header argument creates parent dirs of tangle targets 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte eb3bf55d48 ob: new ":comments noweb" option for wrapping noweb references in comment links 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte c8e5ba90cc ob: ob-jump-to-org is more robust to link comment impostors 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 2152f1ec28 ob-tangle: detangle changes in code files back to the original org files 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte c6565eaa43 fixed typos in tangle comment link format strings 10 years ago
  Dan Davison 35b0d6b1d4 babel: Fix bug in `org-babel-tangle-collect-blocks' 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 5bdc043919 careful not to needlessly execute blocks during tangling 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 24cde316a1 beefing up the docs of the org-babel-tangle-comment-format-* variables 10 years ago
  Dan Davison a6720e38a3 babel: tangle: Respond to changes in generic expansion function 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte d32c8d49e5 ob-tangle: only create links for blocks that will actually tangle 10 years ago