Commit History

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  stardiviner 4456dc8809 ob-clojure: Support `org-babel-initiate-session' 3 years ago
  Aaron Ecay 79650ffbbd Use assq instead of assoc for :keywords 4 years ago
  Aaron Ecay d350baf2db babel: change single-armed ‘if’ statements to ‘when’ 4 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 4f63cfabb3 Deprecate `org-babel-trim' in favor of `org-trim' 5 years ago
  Dan Davison 1ee54e0db7 babel: Don't resolve variable references unless requested 10 years ago
  Dan Davison 21e6738593 babel: Better variable names in `org-babel-initiate-session' 10 years ago
  Dan Davison 23ab61d93c babel: refactor `org-babel-switch-to-session' 11 years ago