Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nicolas Goaziou 49bb05487c ob: Remove variables related to inline Babel code 4 years ago
  Eric Schulte fc92b2e2fe fix whole-buffer evaluation order and symbol intrusion in related macros 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 67a26e0141 execute call lines when executing an entire buffer 8 years ago
  Eric Schulte 39c982eb49 ob: ob-exec-buf and ob-exec-tree now eval inline code blocks as well 9 years ago
  Dan Davison 74d752b4b5 ob: Wipe error buffer before executing buffer/subtree 9 years ago
  Dan Davison d398331b3f babel: Use `org-babel-map-src-blocks' in `org-babel-execute-buffer' 9 years ago
  Eric Schulte 5d52daab10 babel: org-babel-execute-buffer is no longer flummoxed by hidden subtrees 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 753d1402d8 babel: avoid infinite loop in org-babel-execute-buffer -- Thanks to Stephan Schmitt 10 years ago
  Eric Schulte 1e8107faf7 babel: improve doc strings for org-babel-execute-buffer and org-babel-execute-subtree 10 years ago