Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kyle Meyer f03cba1b6f Merge branch 'maint' 1 week ago
  Kyle Meyer 1c0ce74a1f NEWS: Remove quote from in front of headline-data symbol 1 week ago
  Kyle Meyer d017cdb0ae NEWS: Group and move up electric-indent/adapt-indentation entries 1 week ago
  Stefan Kangas 2e1c984153 Prefer HTTPS to HTTP in most links 3 weeks ago
  Jay Kamat a9f38b1c22 ox-html: Add webp as an inline image format 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer 4d463ee4ba ORG-NEWS: Add entry for org-clock-ask-before-exiting 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer 8b9d6f67a0 Merge branch 'km/from-emacs-master' 1 month ago
  Mattias Engdegård da1ebabfab Backport commit de15ca7d0 from Emacs 1 month ago
  Kevin J. Foley 885ee086dd org-agenda.el: Support argument collection for custom bulk functions 1 month ago
  TEC 5b0eb9aada manual, news: Document org-html-meta-tags 2 months ago
  Gustav Wikström be2966abb5 org-id: Add title to description when storing id links 2 months ago
  stardiviner 86ad8d2791 org.el: Complete tags from both global and buffer local 4 months ago
  Kyle Meyer 291993888d Merge branch 'maint' 3 months ago
  Kyle Meyer 99eafe3787 Update copyright year to 2021 3 months ago
  Gustav Wikström 9140a712fb etc/ORG-NEWS: Add example for new startup option 3 months ago
  Ihor Radchenko 1f4ea532a4 Document changes of headline fontification introduced in 979e82fc3 3 months ago
  Matt Huszagh 2af68d6a45 etc/ORG-NEWS: Add an entry 3 months ago
  Bastien e2bb13de23 Merge branch 'maint' 4 months ago
  Kévin Le Gouguec 8fde9fc905 Offer alternative to disabling electric-indent-mode 4 months ago
  Gustav Wikström a71ac14e46 New startup options, #+startup: show<n>levels 4 months ago
  Daniele Nicolodi 15469774dd org-table: Add mode flag to enable Calc units simplification mode 4 months ago
  Titus von der Malsburg 8bade78ce6 lisp/org.el: Allow hiding #+SUBTITLE: keyword via `org-hidden-keywords' 4 months ago
  Jack Kamm 5371b30fe5 ol.el: New option to set org-link-file-path-type to a function 5 months ago
  Gustav Wikström dad436c60b Make `org-goto-first-child' behave intuitively before first heading 5 months ago
  Matt Huszagh d9884cfa70 lisp/ob-core.el: Allow passing empty vector to :file-desc to omit description 6 months ago
  Jack Kamm 4b6495c3ba ob-python: Improvements to :return header argument 6 months ago
  Kyle Meyer 8c44f2e33f ORG-NEWS: Move org-id-ts-format entry to v9.5 heading 6 months ago
  Samuel W. Flint 488076e0a6 Describe new %L formatting for org-capture 6 months ago
  Ihor Radchenko 6c75b00217 Allow customised ID format for `ts' `org-id-method' 7 months ago
  Bastien fbccf09c74 etc/ORG-NEWS: Create an empty section for Org 9.5 6 months ago