Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Henry Blevins f2500e06f3 ob-scheme: Add tests for scheme result types 6 hours ago
  Henry Blevins 9c8de985a5 ob-scheme: Fix scheme blocks ignoring :results in formatting 1 day ago
  Nicolas Goaziou fbd138f527 org-agenda: Fix SPC in agenda 7 hours ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 9b7191001c org-capture: Silence byte-compiler 9 hours ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 031c53103a org-capture: Fix formulas when capturing rows 9 hours ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 547b431e70 org-capture: Fix row insertion in a table with a formula 15 hours ago
  Nicolas Goaziou c891b840d2 org-table: `org-table-fix-formulas-confirm' is not safe. 15 hours ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 460d83831a Silence byte-compiler 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 6c3ce3c17b org-macs: Fix `provide' location 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 7fbb705d13 org-capture: Do not force newline on empty capture templates 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 075e79de4f org-archive: Do not create multiple archive subtrees 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 9ff77b1e57 org-info: Fix path parsing 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou b563ef4762 Revert "org-manual: Fix link" 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou e61fddf4ce org-manual: Fix link 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 593058e4a6 `org-set-tags' modifies buffer only when necessary 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 2e1daf14e0 Update "Version" keyword 4 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 467b3f9728 org-manual: Shorten author field 4 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou b2ffbf4b2f org-manual: Fix typos 4 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou ab8f90122a org-manual: Fix typo 4 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 05dcbfa2d4 org-manual: Fix typo 4 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 54abd0f0ea org-capture: Fix last commit 5 days ago
  Christian Schwarzgruber 7fcceecf5d Improve `org-log-reschedule` and `org-log-redeadline' docstrings 6 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 42a2c248eb org-capture: Fix completion for properties in capture buffer 5 days ago
  stardiviner dcf1796636 ob-shell: Initialize header arguments for other shell names 2 weeks ago
  Nicolas Goaziou b3981d6ad0 Fix `org-metaup' and `org-metadown' on regions 6 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou f47917ce26 org-manual: Small fix 1 week ago
  Nicolas Goaziou e943404735 org-manual: Remove reference to "verbatim" blocks 1 week ago
  Nicolas Goaziou dcbb1acd92 org-manual: Fix typo 1 week ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 1704a25b98 org-tempo: Fix docstring 1 week ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 69675967e9 org-manual: Add missing structure template key 1 week ago