Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Turbo Cafe 3916a57406 ox-md.el: Preserve radio target hyperlink 2 months ago
  TEC a8df7670c8 lisp/ox-html.el: make html meta tags customizable 1 month ago
  TEC f4b9f98088 lisp/ox-html.el: make html meta tag builder nicer 1 month ago
  Ian Martins 7fa8173282 ob-java: Allow header to override commands 1 week ago
  John Herrlin d700dff7ac ob-java: Include static imports in regex 1 week ago
  Kyle Meyer edda21e931 Merge branch 'maint' 1 week ago
  TRS-80 1806abdc39 org-footnote: Fix inserting new footnote mangling drawers 2 weeks ago
  stardiviner 86ad8d2791 org.el: Complete tags from both global and buffer local 1 month ago
  Christian Garbs d02c0218ef testing/lisp/test-org-archive.el: Fix test 1 week ago
  Ihor Radchenko 9ea7ff5e2f Fix typo in f948234cb 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Meyer 5b5c420da5 Merge branch 'maint' 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Meyer 33de2bd8ef org-compat: Take in obsolete org-copy 2 weeks ago
  Stefan Monnier 248dfcd711 Backport commit 5ada3eece from Emacs 1 month ago
  Nicolas Goaziou c07808af14 Merge branch 'maint' 2 weeks ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 332da69b3c element: Fix table.el parsing... again! 2 weeks ago
  stardiviner 94d1753ec8 org-contacts.el: Fix store link function does not return link. 2 weeks ago
  David Florness 38f143830c org-contacts.el: Use `bound-and-true-p' to check (unbound) var 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Meyer 00b4de3294 ol: Avoid initial input when completing function for storing link 3 weeks ago
  David Florness e6e1c08116 org-contacts.el: Only use org-id-store-link if org-id is loaded 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Meyer e7fe57dde3 Merge branch 'maint' 2 weeks ago
  Kyle Meyer 273391c978 duration: Avoid recursive load error 2 weeks ago
  stardiviner c3888a8b74 org-contacts.el: replace obsolete alias `loop' with `cl-loop' 3 weeks ago
  stardiviner f948234cba org-contacts.el: Add usage comments 3 weeks ago
  Kyle Meyer 291993888d Merge branch 'maint' 3 weeks ago
  Kyle Meyer 99eafe3787 Update copyright year to 2021 3 weeks ago
  TEC 7a9a8a56af org-plot.el: fix compiler warnings 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer d631a51e01 org-attach: Silence byte-compiler 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer 86184e2cb6 org-plot: Adjust pcase patterns for Emacs 24 compatibility 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer d84136f8db Merge branch 'maint' 1 month ago
  Kyle Meyer bd1c3187cf .dir-locals.el: Set indent-tabs-mode to nil in Elisp sources 1 month ago