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  Bastien 30d0b6e1f6 org.el: Tiny enhancements `org-format-latex-as-html' 1 day ago
  Bastien e062ca7199 org.el: Use `defalias' for priority aliases. 1 day ago
  Bastien 3a543a981b Enhancements to `org-latex-to-html-convert-command' 1 day ago
  Matt Huszagh 860cfe7f13 Add an option to convert LaTeX fragments to HTML 1 week ago
  Bastien 14a56eb915 Merge branch 'maint' 1 day ago
  Bastien 46886f22d9 doc/ (Completion): Fix documentation 1 day ago
  Bastien f56f2b323a org-id.el: Fix typo in comment 2 days ago
  Bastien 38928848c7 org-id.el: Fix typo in comment 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou a63073ec04 Move obsolete aliases into "org-compat.el" 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou ee0dba6402 Small fix to headline search string 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou fe5962ce9b Fix some time stamps regexps 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 2ab655fb6e org-manual: Fix typo 2 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 83518daf11 Small fix 2 days ago
  Bastien d9d877491b org-archive.el: Add :package-version to an option 2 days ago
  Bastien 4d23aa19d5 etc/ORG-NEWS: Tiny rephrasing and formatting fixes 2 days ago
  Jack Kamm 194a85d689 Remove outdated information about ob-python results 3 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 42ec2462a0 Do not leak "attachment" links 5 days ago
  Bastien 08428fed78 ob-shell.el: Delete `org-babel-shell-return-value-is-exit-status' 3 days ago
  Bastien 5dee070fb2 lisp/ol-bbdb.el (org-bbdb-anniversaries): Enhance docstring 3 days ago
  Bastien e360cd8f3a Change the default values for several options 4 days ago
  Bastien 450452de4b org.el: Two minor fixes 4 days ago
  Bastien 05f294ec5b org.el: Two minor fixes 4 days ago
  Bastien 4cd497416f org-agenda.el: Rename two options 4 days ago
  Bastien 0c02928eb2 ob-shell.el: Rename `ob-shell-return-value-is-exit-status' 4 days ago
  stardiviner 97d0514b0b contrib/lisp/ob-php.el: Support change evaluate command specify options. 5 days ago
  D. Williams 1b2de14d84 org-indent.el: Deprecate `org-hide-leading-stars-before-indent-mode' 5 days ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 5d2075abad org-manual: Stick to typographic conventions 5 days ago
  Eric Abrahamsen 6de5bcee87 Skip entries with no ID when updating ID locations 5 days ago
  Bastien 86cbaff2b8 Enhance the "Subscripts and Superscripts" section 5 days ago
  Bastien 6f943b1da5 org.el (org-use-sub-superscripts): Remove old comment in docstring 5 days ago