Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tim Landscheidt b289a65be7 Use https for links to 3 years ago
  Achim Gratz 45f840a6f1 Merge branch 'maint' 7 years ago
  Achim Gratz 7fa837180c Makefile: remove empty line in help output 7 years ago 04eb8d7d85 make vanilla: run Emacs -Q with *this* Org loaded 7 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 16e0730342 Fix references to org-install.el. 8 years ago
  Achim Gratz e6228c448e Makefile: implement target config-version 8 years ago
  Achim Gratz bf352eceda Rename utils/ to mk/, move some files to mk/ and make the requisite changes throughout 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 628ccbfee7 Makefile: add link to Worg to `make help´ 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 226b15baa0 Makefile: implement different compilation methods, rename _COMPILE_ to ORGCM 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 3c1c04d8bc Revert "Revert "Makefile: allow for different compilation methods"" 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 65dcca5086 Reduce the number of targets displayed by `make helpall' 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 510f6464b0 Revert "Makefile: allow for different compilation methods" 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry c49f74c85a Makefile: s/org/Org 9 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 0524a24c36 Makefile: Small formatting fix. 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 3e63c3e97a Makefile: allow for different compilation methods 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz b9916f2e2b Makefile: enable one-process-per-source compilations again 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 472647fd5c Makefile: add new target cleantesting 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 9a353bdacc Add configuration checks to build system 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 3051d76892 Document convenience target 'uncompiled'. 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 03e2192b4b correct output from "make helpall" 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz a965630293 spelling fixes 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 357fd63a14 Improve compatibility with old Makefile 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 687766c922 Introduce compatibility and convenience targets, template, add "helpall" 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz c83da85416 provide an easier way to get the old behaviour of plain "make" back 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 4d97b47fe5 clean up documentation and provide "doc" as alternative target for "docs" 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 035f24673b introduce "check" as alias for "test" to comply with GNU Makefile conventions 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 4a7ed95010 introduce new make target "test" 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 3661de9368 The default target should be "all" 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 6a3ec67abd Introduce $(datadir), prefix all installation paths with $(DESTDIR) 9 years ago
  Achim Gratz 1e343f7f3b update target descriptions, target "all" now automatically cleans .elc before compilation 9 years ago