Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David Maus b4979a86ca Use mtime of symlink target 10 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 7666ba421f Version number back to 7.4 10 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 76a25715c9 Bump version number to 7.5 10 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 6630edbd0f Set version number to 7.3 10 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 82af72eef7 Push version number to 7.02trans 10 years ago
  Carsten Dominik d5d96f612e Improve docstring for org-publish-project-alist 10 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 9f5c6557f2 Add publishing functions for ASCII, Latin-1 and UTF-8 10 years ago
  Bastien Guerry cf5fbad49b org-publish-all: remove outdated comment. 10 years ago
  Sebastian Rose 2fcd20e6eb Bug: Inconsistency with org-publish-attachment 10 years ago
  Sebastian Rose f2eec6921f Make org-publish-attachment honor directory structure 10 years ago
  Bastien Guerry 11e7a573a5 org-publish.el: allow :base-directory to omit the ending slash. 10 years ago
  Harri Kiiskinen 550278c135 :body-only property for publishing projects 10 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 3529be82ef Fix interpretation of the :include property as a list of file names 10 years ago
  Carsten Dominik dd484300d3 Publish: Better error messages if important information is missing 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 6268cceec3 Mention release 7.01 on the website, push release number to 7.01trans 11 years ago
  Philip Rooke ebf808f9aa Correct some docstrings [part 4] 11 years ago
  Daniel Clemente b324bdca5c default base-extension .org for org-publish 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 6c381070f9 Make timestamp directory even if the parent does not exist 11 years ago
  Sebastian Rose 2700ec42c7 possible Bug: non-interactive publishing (emacs 22.1) 11 years ago
  David Maus d7e15f0c88 Serialize the publishing cache 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 9cb5299bd1 Define a variable 11 years ago
  David Maus 5e264e35c5 Remove superfluous third argument to `org-publish-cache-set'. 11 years ago
  David Maus 54da0dce2a Use `make-hash-table' to create hash table of org-publish-cache. 11 years ago
  Sebastian Rose 339d6fe4bb Publishing, cashing and timestamps 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik c86a3fc4aa Push version number to 6.36trans 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 88100d1580 Release 6.36a 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik a14af124ba User-visible changes for 6.36 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 3a7f7dbcca Fix typos 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 9b6eeb4d2d Fix sitemap creation 11 years ago
  Carsten Dominik 238a3d2818 Another fix for sitemap sorting 11 years ago