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  Tim Landscheidt b289a65be7 Use https for links to 1 year ago
  Kyle Meyer 3e1641ef0a Update copyright years 1 year ago
  Paul Eggert 5d3e17bf85 Backport commit bbda601d1 from Emacs 2 years ago
  Paul Eggert ff0dcf52a5 Backport commit bc511a64f from Emacs 2 years ago
  Kyle Meyer d39ccc17d4 Merge branch 'maint' 2 years ago
  Paul Eggert b7fdc30388 Backport commit 20e9a00fb from Emacs 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou c3cdbbff9b Merge branch 'maint' 2 years ago
  Xi Shen 93972c9845 ob-sql.el: Fix filename conversion in minGW environment. 2 years ago
  Andreas Gerler 8ba336ea0c ob-sql: Add vertica engine 2 years ago
  Kyle Meyer 0d3683f2cd Merge branch 'maint' 2 years ago
  Kyle Meyer 713f785017 Update copyright years 2 years ago
  MaDhAt2r 0063075f65 ob-sql: Add sqsh engine 2 years ago
  Aaron Ecay 79650ffbbd Use assq instead of assoc for :keywords 3 years ago
  Jakob Lombacher c257e31d10 ob-sql: Add dbport and dbpassword options to postgresql 3 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou e7f2379297 Remove unnecessary (require 'cl) 3 years ago
  Xi Shen 35df86c5c0 ob-sql.el: Support sqlcmd in Cygwin environment 3 years ago
  Gary Oberbrunner aa042455a7 ob-sql.el: fix typo preventing mysql table headers from being parsed 3 years ago
  Kyle Meyer 6345de2d05 Merge branch 'maint' 3 years ago
  Kyle Meyer 6bc48c5f41 Update copyright years 3 years ago
  Sacha Chua 955bc57ded ob-sql: Don't print out the command 3 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 8c2e232b00 ob-sql: Fix `case' calls 3 years ago
  Peter Feigl cf8bfc178d ob-sql.el: Add support for Oracle via sqlplus 3 years ago
  Aaron Ecay 0d000f5680 babel: small change in API. 4 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 7706714200 Switch some Babel-related libraries to lexical binding 4 years ago
  Paul Eggert c86a10b0bc Backport commit 284c470 from Emacs master branch 4 years ago
  Paul Eggert ecf3a4af2c Backport remaining changes from commit 7e09ef0 4 years ago
  Saulius Menkevičius 187dae0ab1 ob-sql: Add possibility to set dbport 4 years ago
  Steven Rémot e228cd1060 ob-sql.el: Clean mysql parameters generation 5 years ago
  Steven Rémot e5e9fc974d ob-sql.el: Enhance postgresql support 5 years ago
  Eric Schulte 8285763b97 update psql command to respect :colnames 5 years ago