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Document the LATEX_ATTR :scale parameter in ORG-NEWS

* etc/ORG-NEWS: document the new builtin LaTeX exporters' LATEX_ATTR
  :scale parameter
Emmanuel Charpentier 10 months ago
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@@ -192,6 +192,26 @@ This is a function for convenience.
 The new paramater ~:dbconnection~ allows to specify a connection name
 in a SQL block header: this name is used to look up connection
 parameters in ~sql-connection-alist~.
+*** New =:scale= attribute supported by LaTeX exporters
+The builtin "latex" exporters now accept and use a =:scale= attribute,
+which scales an image by a given factor.
+This attribute is wrapped adound the =scale= parameter of LaTeX's
+=\includegraphics= (bitmap images) or a TiKZ's =\scalebox=.
+Therefore, its value should be some string palatable to LaTeX as
+a positive float Its default value is an empty string (i.e. disabled).
+This attribute overrides the =:width= and =:height= attributes.
+,#+name: Beastie
+,#+caption: I think I saw this curious horse already, but where ?
+,#+LATEX_ATTR: :scale 2
 ** New functions
 *** ~org-dynamic-block-insert-dblock~