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org.texi: Clarification: `:exports' is only applicable to blocks, not to inline code

* doc/org.texi (Exporting code blocks, exports): Clarify.

The documentation change resulted from the expectation that `:exports'
could be used with inline code blocks, which is not the case.
Clarification was added to avoid future confusion on this header
argument, which is applicable only to blocks.

John Henderson 3 years ago
1 changed files with 4 additions and 2 deletions
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+ 4 - 2

@@ -13828,7 +13828,8 @@ results of code block evaluation.  For information on exporting code block
 bodies, see @ref{Literal examples}.
 The @code{:exports} header argument can be used to specify export
+behavior (note that these arguments are only relevant for code blocks, not
+inline code):
 @subsubheading Header arguments:
@@ -14831,7 +14832,8 @@ which the link does not point.
 @cindex @code{:exports}, src header argument
 The @code{:exports} header argument specifies what should be included in HTML
-or @LaTeX{} exports of the Org mode file.
+or @LaTeX{} exports of the Org mode file.  Note that the @code{:exports}
+option is only relevant for code blocks, not inline code.
 @itemize @bullet
 @item @code{code}