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Improve file link matching.

Michael Ekstrand wrote:

    I've been trying to work with links to man pages in
    Org (using org-man.el).  When I try to create a link to a
    Perl module in the File package namespace, however,
    `org-insert-link' tries to do its same-file link detection
    and winds up breaking the link.  The result is that the link


    gets rewritten to


    Naturally, this isn't what I want.  Looking at
    `org-insert-link', it seems that the problem may be that its
    same-file link detection is matching 'file:' at
    beginning-of-word, which it is in this case.  In the general
    case for which 'file:' detection is being used, is there a
    reason to match against `\<' rather than `^' or
    `^[[:space:]]*'?  Changing to one of the latter two
    expressions would, I believe, keep it From rewriting these
    links I am trying to create.

Michael is right, and I have made this change.
Carsten Dominik 11 years ago
2 changed files with 6 additions and 2 deletions
  1. 4 0
  2. 2 2

+ 4 - 0

@@ -1,3 +1,7 @@
+2008-11-18  Carsten Dominik  <>
+	* org.el (org-insert-link): Improve file link matching.
 2008-11-17  Carsten Dominik  <>
 	* org-colview.el (org-columns-display-here): New argument

+ 2 - 2

@@ -6517,7 +6517,7 @@ used as the link location instead of reading one interactively."
     ;; Check if we are linking to the current file with a search option
     ;; If yes, simplify the link by using only the search option.
     (when (and buffer-file-name
-	       (string-match "\\<file:\\(.+?\\)::\\([^>]+\\)" link))
+	       (string-match "^file:\\(.+?\\)::\\([^>]+\\)" link))
       (let* ((path (match-string 1 link))
 	     (case-fold-search nil)
 	     (search (match-string 2 link)))
@@ -6527,7 +6527,7 @@ used as the link location instead of reading one interactively."
 	      (setq link search)))))
     ;; Check if we can/should use a relative path.  If yes, simplify the link
-    (when (string-match "\\<file:\\(.*\\)" link)
+    (when (string-match "^file:\\(.*\\)" link)
       (let* ((path (match-string 1 link))
 	     (origpath path)
 	     (case-fold-search nil))