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the :eval header argument now takes 4(6) possible values

* doc/org.texi (eval): Documenting the full range of :eval header
  argument values.
* lisp/ob.el (org-babel-confirm-evaluate): Adding support for new
  range of :eval header arguments.
* testing/lisp/test-ob.el (test-ob/eval-header-argument): Testing the
  :eval header argument.
Eric Schulte 8 years ago
3 changed files with 44 additions and 10 deletions
  1. 17 8
  2. 6 2
  3. 21 0

+ 17 - 8

@@ -13112,14 +13112,23 @@ permissions of the tangled file are set to make it executable.
 @node eval,  , shebang, Specific header arguments
 @subsubsection @code{:eval}
 The @code{:eval} header argument can be used to limit the evaluation of
-specific code blocks.  @code{:eval} accepts three arguments ``never'',
-``query'' and ``non-export''.  @code{:eval never} (or @code{:eval no}) will
-ensure that a code block is never evaluated, this can be useful for
-protecting against the evaluation of dangerous code blocks.  @code{:eval
-query} will require a query for every execution of a code block regardless of
-the value of the @code{org-confirm-babel-evaluate} variable and @code{:eval
-non-export} will inhibit the evaluation of code blocks during export but will
-still allow interactive evaluation.
+specific code blocks.  The @code{:eval} header argument can be useful for
+protecting against the evaluation of dangerous code blocks or to ensure that
+evaluation will require a query regardless of the value of the
+@code{org-confirm-babel-evaluate} variable.  The possible values of
+@code{:eval} and their effects are shown below.
+@table @code
+@item never or no
+The code block will not be evaluated under any circumstances.
+@item query
+Evaluation of the code block will require a query.
+@item never-export or no-export
+The code block will not be evaluated during export but may still be called
+@item query-export
+Evaluation of the code block during export will require a query.
+@end table
 If this header argument is not set then evaluation is determined by the value
 of the @code{org-confirm-babel-evaluate} variable see @ref{Code evaluation

+ 6 - 2

@@ -252,12 +252,15 @@ of potentially harmful code."
   (let* ((eval (or (cdr (assoc :eval (nth 2 info)))
 		   (when (assoc :noeval (nth 2 info)) "no")))
          (query (cond ((equal eval "query") t)
+		      ((and org-current-export-file
+			    (equal eval "query-export")) t)
                       ((functionp org-confirm-babel-evaluate)
                        (funcall org-confirm-babel-evaluate
                                 (nth 0 info) (nth 1 info)))
                       (t org-confirm-babel-evaluate))))
     (if (or (equal eval "never") (equal eval "no")
-	    (and (equal eval "non-export") org-current-export-file)
+	    (and org-current-export-file (or (equal eval "no-export")
+					     (equal eval "never-export")))
 	    (and query
 		 (not (yes-or-no-p
 		       (format "Evaluate this%scode block%son your system? "
@@ -266,7 +269,8 @@ of potentially harmful code."
 				   (format " (%s) " (nth 4 info)) " "))))))
 	(prog1 nil (message "Evaluation %s"
 			    (if (or (equal eval "never") (equal eval "no")
-				    (equal eval "non-export"))
+				    (equal eval "no-export")
+				    (equal eval "never-export"))
 				"Disabled" "Aborted")))

+ 21 - 0

@@ -531,6 +531,27 @@ on two lines
       (forward-line 6)
       (should (looking-at ": 2")))))
+(ert-deftest test-ob/eval-header-argument ()
+  (flet ((check-eval (eval runp)
+	   (org-test-with-temp-text (format "#+begin_src emacs-lisp :eval %s
+  (setq foo :evald)
+#+end_src" eval)
+	     (let ((foo :not-run))
+	       (if runp
+		   (progn (should (org-babel-execute-src-block))
+			  (should (eq foo :evald)))
+		 (progn (should-not (org-babel-execute-src-block))
+			(should-not (eq foo :evald))))))))
+    (check-eval "never" nil)
+    (check-eval "no" nil)
+    (check-eval "never-export" t)
+    (check-eval "no-export" t)
+    (let ((org-current-export-file "something"))
+      (check-eval "never" nil)
+      (check-eval "no" nil)
+      (check-eval "never-export" nil)
+      (check-eval "no-export" nil))))
 (provide 'test-ob)
 ;;; test-ob ends here