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doc: link to 14.8.2 from 14.9 -- Thanks to Leo Alekseyev for suggesting

* doc/org.texi (Results of evaluation): Link to the :results header
  argument list from the "Results of evaluation" section.
Eric Schulte 9 years ago
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@@ -12379,7 +12379,8 @@ execution of a code block regardless of the value of the
 The way in which results are handled depends on whether a session is invoked,
 as well as on whether @code{:results value} or @code{:results output} is
-used. The following table shows the possibilities:
+used. The following table shows the table possibilities.  For a full listing
+of the possible results header arguments see @ref{results}.
 @multitable @columnfractions 0.26 0.33 0.41
 @item @tab @b{Non-session} @tab @b{Session}