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OrgOdtContentTemplate.xml: Added custom table styles

* contrib/odt/styles/OrgOdtContentTemplate.xml: Added styles
for working with applying table templates.

The exporter with it's factory settings doesn't depend on the
availability of these styles for formatting - i.e., these
styles should ideally be created by the user himself depending
on his tastes.  However considering the complexity & verbosity
of these styles these have been included to:
- illustrate how the table templating facilitites can be
  exploited by the user
- enable unit-testing of table template changes

Complements the following commit:
| commit e73bca63cf658f8cb659ab6d00e4e93afaba8b42
| Author: Jambunathan K <>
| Date:   Tue Sep 13 19:37:13 2011 +0530
| org-odt.el: Support for styling of tables using table templates
Jambunathan K 8 years ago
1 changed files with 68 additions and 0 deletions
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