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CONTRIBUTE: Announce the move of contrib/ to a new repository

Bastien 2 months ago
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--*- mode: org; fill-column:70 -*-
 The text below explains the rules for participating in Org mode
+* Org maintenance
+Org maintenance is explained on Worg: see [[][org-maintenance]].
 * Main contribution rules
 1. The master git repository is hosted publicly at [[][]].
@@ -62,25 +64,11 @@ development.
      preserve this and ask everyone to keep this in mind when
      proposing changes.
-* The contrib/ directory
+See [[][worg/org-contribute]] for more guidance on how to contribute
-The git repository contains a =contrib/= directory.  This directory is
-the playing field for any developer, also people who have not (yet)
-signed the papers with the FSF.  You are free to add files to this
-directory, implementing extensions, new link types etc.
+* The =contrib/= directory
-Also non-Lisp extensions like scripts to process Org files in different
-ways are welcome in this directory.  You should provide documentation
-with your extensions, at least in the form of commentary in the file,
-better on worg.  Please discuss your extensions on
+The git repository used to contain a =contrib/= directory, which was
+moved to before Org 9.5, which see.
-After files have been tested in =contrib/= and found to be generally
-useful, we may decide to clarify copyright questions and then move the
-file into the Org mode core.  This means they will be moved up to the
-root directory and will also eventually be added to GNU Emacs git
-repository.  The final decision about this rests with the maintainer.
-* Org maintenance
-Org maintenance is explained on Worg: see [[][org-maintenance]].