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DONE Add the original posting to the proposal page

TODO Fix all references to the project to be the same name on the webpage

TODO Fix the reference to the git repository after it has been created

TODO Update the usage instructions

TODO Add implementation notes

  • State "DONE" from "NEXT" [2012-05-09 Wed 01:36]
  • even though nothing is decided, there must be something I can add

Prototype ARCHIVE

DONE fix up documentation

DONE Write real manual

DONE Finish the parser

DONE Implement a heading tree printer

DONE Add a TAP for the program which demonstrates its use

DONE Write an introductory warning

DONE Use Gnulib diffseq to merge

DONE Fix memory usage

DONE Start working on the change detection

DONE Create a heading mapping

DONE Begin work on the change merging

DONE Create text mapping

DONE Allow headings to be 'moved' locally

DONE Allow headings to be 'moved' globally

DONE Finish the prototype

  • State "DONE" from "TODO" [2012-05-09 Wed 01:34]
  • State "DONE" from "NEXT" [2012-05-09 Wed 01:34]
  • manual, how to use it
  • now in the root README
  • State "DONE" from "NEXT" [2012-05-10 Thu 19:03]
  • make sure the new headings are being put in the right spot
  • means: compare level of new heading with old heading to add it in
  • the right spot
  • possibly add the new heading to the propper spot right as the next
  • one is started
  • State "DONE" from "NEXT" [2012-05-09 Wed 23:24]
  • really a org_document_to_file function
  • test anything protocol
  • State "DONE" from "NEXT" [2012-05-10 Thu 19:03]
  • this program assumes things about the structure and use of org-mode
  • and org files. If the way you use org files does not match this, then it may corrupt your data! Please be very aware of what assumptions this program makes before using. I (nor anyone other than yourself) can be held accountable for the results of using this program.
  • State "DONE" from "NEXT" [2012-05-16 Wed 22:26]
  • nothing is being unmalloced
  • write destroy functions
  • one for document, heading, look at ?gl_list_free? for list notes
  • State "DONE" from "NEXT" [2012-05-16 Wed 22:25]

Org Merge Driver

TODO [#B] Argp on main

DONE [#A] Create doc_stream sdio wrapper doc_stream

  • write a stdio wrapper
  • make sure that we can encode

TODO [#B] Make the parser construct the doc trees

TODO [#B] Merge tree

TODO [#C] Memory allocator for document

TODO [#A] Support global elt matching global_map

TODO Allow elements to deal with global matching

  • implement the prototypes
  • ??
  • Add callbacks so elements can choose if and how they match.

DONE [#A] Update autotool files

TODO [#C] Add support for multiple encodings :doc:

  • [ ]
  • [ ]

TODO Devise a doc_elt data allocation scheme

TODO Fix printmerge context

TODO Fix org_lexer context

  • Currently:
  • There is no standard scheme for setting up data in an element
  • org_heading accepts a pointer to an outside allocated buffer,
  • while org_text actually copies and appends strings passed to it.
  • Ideas:
  • Outside allocation, pass buffer to const data.
  • who deallocates?
  • Currently using a mishmash of global vars in a reentrant parser.
  • Make a lexer userdata struct to use

TODO [#B] Make doc_stream macros safe :doc:

TODO [#B] Check and handle memory allocation errors

  • Currently, datastructures malloc without returning error.
  • not detected, checked, etc.
  • See how gl_list does it
  • Most of our interfaces are modelled slightly afer gl_list

TODO [#B] Make doc_merge work with null ltree_lists

  • merge_node and doc_nodes currently always have allocated child lists.
  • They should only have one if they have children

TODO [#A] Implement org_heading org_elt

TODO [#A] Fix the merge_delta/doc_merge interface merge

  • Currently uses status??
  • Make a real enum & field, don't overload something else.

TODO [#B] Fix Parser / Lexer

  • currently:
  • parser is implemented inside the lexer
  • lexer logic is more complicated than it should be
  • parser is almost empty
  • To fix:
  • Make lexer return smaller symbols
  • Build doc_elt's inside the parser
  • Why bother:
  • Adding rules to the lexer is error prone & hard.
  • May make the parser more flexible.

WORK [#B] Move phony_elt to it's own header testing

  • phony_elt is a dummy elt used for testing.
  • moving it to it's own header file will let us use it in multiple tests.
  • -

TODO [#A] Create a debug print macro testing

  • support different modules enable/disable
  • eg disable printing in document elements, enable in test functions.
  • fail message macro?
  • disapears like assert?

TODO [#C] Create a verbosity-controlled print function

TODO [#A] Make doc_elt_compare find updates

TODO Code cleanup

  • doc_elt_compare returns a simple boolean
  • make doc_elt_compare decide if something matches
  • if they do, let it decide whats newest / if something has been updated
  • If compare has to compare every field of a doc_elt, it only makes
  • sense to cache that data for printing.


TODO (andrew) add and implement functions to create the mapping and dnode tree

TODO implement org_text.h,r org_document.h, org_phony.h

TODO make the parser work for those elements

Long Run


[2012-05-07 Mon]

[2012-05-08 Tues]

split source files

split commits

finally started uploading code

[2012-05-09 Wed]

[2012-05-10 Thu]






[2012-05-16 Wed]

[2012-05-19 Sat]

  • modify gl_list.h to not inline functions
  • write parser, reads the files but does not create a proper list
  • the files should really be split up by their use
  • branch for the prototype
  • add documentation
  • add gnu_lib list
  • add read file
  • add main program
  • with only org_ structs
  • add parser
  • tried to add some testing code
  • went with TAP at first, but decided it wasn't what I wanted
  • went with heavier duty unit testing (called 'check'), but it was
  • *too* heavy duty
  • trying to go back to TAP
  • tried to compile the parser into a library instead of statically
  • linking into the program
  • got it working but reverted; this is more useful for the final
  • project (and with the unit testing removed there was no point)
  • wrote a manual for using the program (for when it is eventually done)
  • tried to make all the random bits of (evidently pointless) work presentable
  • looked into anonymous functions in C, definitely not portable
  • wrote a function to recursively call other functions on a tree
  • wrote a function to print a org_doc back into a file
  • finally finished the parser, i probably made it more correct than
  • necessary to show how it would work
  • fixed a lot of the documentation in the code I have written, adding
  • GPL warnings at the top of all my source files
  • finally fixed the problem with gl_list not compiling inline
  • functions. I needed to include autoconf's config.h before it to define the _HAVE_INLINE_ macro.
  • starting to think about the best way to finish off the prototype
  • this involves the 'tricky' part of the program: finding changes
  • and merging them.
  • looking into different parser generators for the final program. I
  • am worried about both speed and robustness when it comes to creating a parser
  • looking into more robust parser generators, specifically ones that
  • will be extensible, easy to use, and most importantly fast
  • typically Bison and yacc look very good
  • reading about compilers, trying to see if the traditional structure
  • will lead to hints as to how to set up my code
  • reading a book known as 'the dragon book'
  • found out that you can collapse a heading which is inside
  • a #+begin_src: block
  • is this a bug?
  • spending some time going through the manual again to figure out what
  • thinking about the best way to set up a difference detector.
  • I am finding that a lot of ideas I have about what rules to use to
  • merge might not be desirable for people
  • how can I set it up, so that the rules can be customized?
  • After reading papers about 'sequence difference seeking algorithms',
  • I decided that it would be too much work to implement on from scratch for the prototype
  • Found an implementation in Gnulib (should have checked there sooner!)
  • spending my day attempting to include it into the project
  • deciding that for the prototype, I will only do change detection on
  • a heading level
  • this makes for kind of a bad prototype
  • I will have to really make sure I consider how having a larger
  • amount of elements will affect the project
  • it is really confusing trying to match headings when one is not unique
  • it will be necessary to create a mapping of headings in from one
  • file to another, where the mapping says which headings are the same, which are non-unique non-distinguishable, and which have no matches
  • starting the change detection
  • must finish the fucntion to create an empty tree of mappings from
  • the origin file
  • this will involve copying the code from thre recursive function
  • and manipulating it to create the treec