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Select Tasks in the Result List/ /and choose an Action to take on them

Result List

:PROPERTIES: :ID: 2e4d1477-2ea2-400e-b937-14408d7e22 :END:

This is an imaginary result list of a user query. It shows all the tasks that were matched by the query either in tags, properties or free text (content). The result list is produced inside a dynamic block as a column view of a utility file 'iorg-dblock-collect.org' that is used to collect all matching subtrees as second level entries under a top-level entry with a global ID, that is used as attribute of the dynamic block.

This is likely not portable to another machine yet, so you might have to delete the ID in bugpile/objects/iorg-dblock-collect.org and create a new one on you machine with org-id-get-create, and then use this new ID in the header of the dynamic block in file bugpile-view-take-action-on-selected-tasks.org in the /bugpile/view directory.

    For this page to be real
  1. the column view should present entries that were matched and
  2. collected due to a user query
  3. the iorg-html export-backend should put a html checkbox in front
  4. of each table row, put a html selectbox with possible actions at the bottom of the page, and wrap the whole thing in a html form.

Assume you selected a task and want bugpile to show-task.

Task TODO object-foo html-edit TAGS
** bug TODO bug link :foo:bar:
** bug TODO task link :feng:shui:
** bug TODO bug button :foo:bar:
** bug TODO html button :kung:fu:
** bug TODO obj link :foo:bar:
** bug TODO bug link :hello:world:
** bug TODO task button :foo:bar: