Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tj 643495a4f7 After inspecting the html files, two tiny but apparently significant 8 years ago
  tj 7e7210e72b updating dblocks incooperated into bugpile controller functions. 8 years ago
  tj 7efb376d84 Two small bugs fixed in bugpile-controller-save-edits-hander. now it 8 years ago
  tj d4e42929fb midterm-eval testrecipe 8 years ago
  tj eb58344925 Midterm evaluation: Well, thats what I have. 8 years ago
  tj 153bd5502d use case show-task 'implemented' for prototype, some renaming. 8 years ago
  tj de85565f04 Some renaming. Implemenation of the search tasklist use-case (for 8 years ago
  tj f7acd37709 testfile added. high level agenda search functionality turns out to be 8 years ago
  tj dd9cc5330f a few controller function sceletons added. 8 years ago
  tj f13f24c9e7 View files cleaned up. A constant and a custom defined in iorg-logic 8 years ago
  tj 7df2ec5d31 commit to save some experiments with view files and dynamic blocks, 8 years ago
  tj d96222e652 Some view files added. 8 years ago
  tj 775bec19e2 Halfway through a recipe for testing bugpile/iorg for 8 years ago
  tj d04f6009dc Bug in iorg-logic--construct-object-in-temp-buffer fixed, now 8 years ago
  tj 30dc548467 iorg-logic tested and several bugs and instabilities fixed. Seems to 8 years ago
  tj d5c555e66b bug fixed in iorg-logic--get-entry-properties-with-class-inheritance: 8 years ago
  tj 74c0fb0319 basic iOrg logic finished, creating new classes and new objects works 8 years ago
  tj 5421a2cafd Write new object to class implemented. 8 years ago
  tj 22c661419f object-construction implemented - more or less works. 8 years ago
  tj b1f8a5342d Filter function for (accumulated) org-entry-properties written. 8 years ago
  tj 2ef7e0e545 Function added to iorg-logic.el that recursively accumulates all entry 8 years ago
  tj e454d83723 Postprocess function for newly created objects written (untested). 8 years ago
  tj 1c0ea08864 iorg logic further elaborated. 8 years ago
  tj 1fbb17b491 A few bugs in custom definitions fixed. 8 years ago
  tj 75cab6db69 Made most constants in iorg-logic.el customizable vars. 8 years ago
  tj 3cdc941625 iOrg-class and iorg-logic-new-class function significantly simplified, 8 years ago
  tj 2554d43a99 test function of the getkey(s) functions in iorg-util changed from eql 8 years ago
  tj 3d5dce29dd iorg-logic-new-class debugged and tested - seems to work (basically). 8 years ago
  tj deb8e270de First (untested) draft of iorg-logic-new-class. 8 years ago
  tj 4a454a262a getkey-functions from Pascal Bourguignon (and Bastien) added to 8 years ago